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The Finest Traditional Limewash

Mike Wye & Associates Ltd limewash is a heritage limewash of the very finest quality available. Made from the best quality Buxton powdered quicklime that is slaked and matured by us in Devon.

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Because our limewash has the finest average particle size of any lime wash, it results in faster carbonation and a greater capacity to hold pigment, producing richer deeper colours and tones.

Mike Wye & Associates Ltd limewash is a based on a 50/50 blend of our own superior matured lime putty and water, together with both natural and manufactured pigments to produce a huge range of colours, some of which are based on colours found historically in buildings. We follow a traditional recipe of adding a little raw linseed oil which improves external watershedding and consolidates the surface a little. We make a particularly less watery limewash compared to a number of suppliers as our many customers prefer to buy limewash rather than water.

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