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    Technical Information Sheet

    Use Silicate Masonry Paint can be used on all mineral-based surfaces, eg, stone, masonry, concrete, pebble dash and plaster surfaces. It can be used both internally and externally and is especially suitable for renovation work to historic buildings and for covering old, sound silicate-based paints.


    Siliacate Masonry Paint is a white paint that has excellent covering properties and is virtually non-drip. It is breathable and can assist in regulating the humidity of the internal environment. It is weather resistant and washable. It dries to a soft matt finish and does not yellow with time.


    White. A range of other colours is available to special order. .
    Sizes 10 litre container Product No. 1703
    Coverage Approximately 5-7 square metres per litre


    The surface must be sound, absorbent and dry. It must also be clean, dust and grease free. Prime the surface with one coat of Silicate Primer and allow to dry before applying Silicate Paint. Carefully mask all adjacent glass, metal, ceramic etc., before use.


    Do not use if the working temperature is below 8C.

    Always stir the paint well before use and at regular intervals during use.

    Silicate Paint can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun.

    Apply thin, even, well-spread coats. Keep a wet edge whilst painting and complete each wall/section in one go. Apply the second coat in the opposite direction to the first coat.

    For all external surfaces, apply the first coat diluted with up to 20% Silicate Primer. Ensure each coat of paint is dry before applying the next coat.

    Any paint splashes should be washed off immediately with plenty of water.


    Silicate Paint can be tinted using NBT Pigments.

    Never use oil or acrylic artists’ colours or commercial tinters.

    Use no more than 375g Pigment per 5 litres Silicate Paint, ie. 75g per litre (7.5g in 100ml).

    Soak Pigment in enough Silicate Primer to cover the powder, and mix well to create a liquid paste. Pour paste into Silicate Paint and stir with a whisk until completely blended.

    Ensure the paint is applied in even coats, as some high-intensity colour tones can become patchy when dry.

    Note: Colour Concentrates are not suitable for this product. Not all NBT pigments are suitable for use with Silicate Masonry Paint. Please refer to Note “A”, attached to this technical sheet, for a comprehensive list of which NBT pigments are suitable for use. When pigments are added, Silicate Masonry Paint must be used immediately to avoid colour changes.

    Note: When Pigments are added Silicate Paint must be used immediately to avoid colour changes.

    Drying Time

    Depending on the temperature and the relative humidity, touch dry after approximately 1 hour, but allow 6-12 hours drying time between coats..


    Wash tools with warm water. Wash hands using Hand Cleaner, if required.


    Keep container tightly sealed and store in a cool, dry and frost-free place.
    Shelf life is 6 months for unopened containers.

    Health & Safety

  • Keep container sealed and out of the reach of children.
  • Silicate Masonry Paint is biodegradable but DO NOT empty into drains or watercourses.
  • Ingredients

    Water, stabilised sodium silicate, talc, chalk, acrylic stabiliser, ammonium salt, mica, modified sodium silicate as waterproofing agent, aluminium oxide.


    This technical sheet is a guideline for Retailers and paint users. However, the user is responsible for testing the product on the intended surface to ensure that it is suitable for their requirements.


    The following NBT Pigments are not suitable for use with Silicate Masonry Paint:
    Mangan Purple 246 Siena Amiatha 227 Tuscan Ochre 228 Verona Green Earth 229 Venetian Red 224 Pompeii Red 225 Gold Ochre 226.

    The following NBT Pigments are suitable for use with Silicate Masonry Paint:
    Green Earth 219 Assisi Grey 223 Iron Oxide Purple 204 Iron Oxide Brick 205 Ochre Havana 211 Ochre Red 203 Ochre Rust Brown 213 Ochre Yellow 209 Oxide Black 208 Oxide Red 203 Persian Red 222 Slate Grey 218 Sienna Red 202 Sienna Yellow 201 Umber Brown 214 Umber Burnt 216 Yellow Clay 221 Ultramarine Blue 231 Ultramarine Purple 233 Ultramarine Red 232 Titanium White 234 Bottle Green 235 Mica Black 254 Mica Bronze 253 Mica Gold 251 Mica Silver 252 Spinel Blue 245 Meadow Green 243 Rhine Gold 256 Orange 242 Oriental Red 249 Salmon Red 248 Turquoise 244 Corn Yellow 247 Gold Yellow 240 Sunshine Yellow 241