Devon Fireplace Restoration

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This work was carried out in Braunton, Devon by our customer, Sean Macauley who sent us these images and words:

“…you very kindly gave me some extremely helpful advice when I was ripping out my old fireplace and you said you might be interested in seeing some pictures.
I have included a few that go from the fireplace as we found it, to the finished article with the stove installed….Once again thanks very much for your help.”

A modern fireplace had been built over the original. This is very comon as successive owners have modernised a property in an attempt to keep up with new trends. These additions were removed revealing the original inglenook fireplace.

The original stonework restored according to our Repair Guidesheets guidance notes by repointing with a lime putty mortar. The joints were prepared by raking and cleaning out with a plugging chisel and churn brushLime Putty Mortar was used for the pointing.

The original oak lintel  was retained as it was sound, but can be treated as a precaution with a natural pesticide treatment and Universal Hard Oil to provide a deep protection that also highlights the grain in dry wood.

This type of work can be undertaken with guidance by enthusiastic amateurs. We offer a Practical course in using lime in renovation and a DVD based on the course. We also provide advice over the telephone or by email Email.