Cob Barn Lime Putty Render

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This is an example of cob repair and lime putty mortar rendering. Cob is a mix of sub-soil and straw, sometimes with added lime, used for traditional building. Defects such as holes and cracks were repaired with Cob Blocks and Cob Bricks.

The render was applied according to our Repair Guidesheets guidance notes. The materials used were Lime Mortar 3.5/1 scat coat, and Lime Mortar Haired 3.5/1 scratch coat and a final Lime Mortar 3.5/1 unhaired float coat. All coats were gauged with pozzolan.

Pinenut limewash was used to decorate and protect the new render.

This type of work can be undertaken with guidance by enthusiastic amateurs. We offer a Practical course in using lime in renovation and a DVD based on the course. We also provide advice over the telephone or by email.

Work carried out by Mike Wye & Associates.

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