Fine Plaster Cornice – by Sean Wheatley

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Fine Cornice Plaster Demonstration by Sean Wheatley.

Sean is regularly called upon to demonstrate at training days such as those run by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB).

These photos were taken at the National Trust’s Arlington Court in 2006.

Here Sean applies the first layer of final lime putty/fine casting plaster coat. He has about 20-30 minutes before the mix is too stiff to be worked….and 5 seconds to get to the eyewash station if he gets some in his eyes. Safety glasses should always be worn when using lime!

The final coat mix has to be applied several times. It is built up and scraped back a number of times to achieve the final finish.

This is now ready for decoration, which is often a distemper.

Materials supplied by Mike Wye & Associates Ltd.
Demonstration by Sean Wheatley Tel: 07831 295922