Lancashire Lath & Cornice Repair

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Repairs to Dobcross Church, Lancashire, a grade 2 listed building. The main focus of the work was to repair major fractures around the chancel arch and window.

The stonework was bedding with natural hydraulic lime (NHL). Riven chestnut lath was screwed in place to reduce movement. Chestnut is flexible and can follow contours. Riven (hand split) lath offers a better key.

Haired lime putty mortar mixed at 3/1 is applied to the lath as per our guidesheets, then a 3/2 mix of lime putty plaster applied as a topcoat and wood floated.

A mould can clearly be seen that gives the profile of the decorative plaster. This was run on a bench with gypsum plaster and fixed on site to match original. The new cornice is placed in situ next to existing cornice.

Architects: Lloyd Evans Prichard Ltd.
Main contractor: Mather & Ellis 0161 8721546.
Plasterwork: M Coleman, Traditional Lime Plasterwork, Plain and Decorative, Tel: 0161 7026223 Mob: 07788 970655

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