Traditional Lime Putty Render

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Lime putty render applied to Monmouth House, an impressive Georgian building in Lyme Regis.

Monmouth House is a Georgian house in the centre of Lyme Regis, Devon, named after the Duke Of Monmouth who stayed in the area during the Monmouth Rebellion in 1685.

Sublime Renovations were asked by the owners of the property, The Lyme Regis Development Trust, to look at the property as it was in a poor state. The property is of stone construction, made from the local Blue Lias stone but the render of the exterior of the property was cement based which not only was unsuitable for the type of property but was also very badly blown, cracked and hollow. By hand, very carefully, to cause as little damage as possible to the stonework below, the existing render was removed as well as the stainless steel sheeting they had used in an attempt to get it to bond.

We then applied a base coat of 3.5:1 external haired lime mortar to the entire elevation just leaving the quoins on the ends. This was then scratched ready for a second coat. After drying, a second coat of 3.5:1 unhaired exterior lime mortar was applied and then any further dubbing out was done leaving a relatively flat surface to the elevation.

After drying, a final coat of the same mix was applied, which was then finished with a plastic float to give an even, fine smooth finish. After repairing, sanding down, treating and then painting the windows and doors, we finally limewashed the entire property with 5 coats of Raw Sienna limewash to restore the building to its former glory.

Work carried out by: Sublime Renovations

Materials supplied by: Mike Wye & Associates Ltd

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