Pavan Ernesto & Figli S.p.a. is a family company located in Arcade near Treviso. Pavan is the only Italian manufacturer which designs and produces all the components of a wide range of building tools, including trowels, scrapers, brushes, knives, finishing trowels and fine arts tools: a core business which has been run for over 140 years and represents a guarantee of the “made in Italy” high quality with its “Ancora” trademark.

Technological research and investments play an important role in the creation of strong, ergonomic and lasting tools at Pavan Ernesto & Figli. The focus on customers’ feedback ensures the production of tools that meet precisely the end-user expectation. All the items are individually inspected to guarantee the highest quality to our customers.

Pavan finishing trowels and filling knives for the polishing of marmorino and Venetian stucco have a special stainless steel blade – a result of Pavan’s research and customer feedback. These tools are unique and professionals can achieve an extraordinary brightness and artistic value to their decorative finishes.

Pavan Trowels are made of shock resistant material. They are comprehensively tested for breaking and for response to sudden changes in temperature. The SINTESI models have coated handles made of soft non slip and vibration resistant material for a comfortable and firm grip. Quality assurance is rigorously applied post assembly and includes X-ray tests to check for perfect joins. 15/10 hardened steel blade of various thickness is used in the manufacture of Pavan Trowels . Pavan Trowels are both flexible and durable.

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