Tadelakt & Polished Plasters

Tadelakt is a polished plaster based on the original Moroccan plaster meaning ‘to rub’ or ‘knead’ in Arabic and is used increasingly as a water repellent alternative to tiling in wet rooms, showers and bathrooms or as a stunning feature wall.
Tadelakt has a beautiful, smooth appearance and is exceptionally tactile. Its versatility means that there are very few limitations in terms of the surfaces and shapes it can be applied to.
Using natural hydraulic lime, selected sands and marble powder as the main ingredients, the very specific application and treatment of Tadelakt results in a strong water repellent surface and unique finish. Kreidezeit Tadelakt is supplied as a dry powder that is naturally white, or can be coloured to 54 beautiful colours.

Mike Wye Venetian Plaster and Marmorino is made from the finest lime putty and marble dust, together with specially selected waxes and oils.
Venetian Plaster is applied in very thin coats and the desired effect is typically a polished plaster that appears like marble.
Marmorino was originally applied with various tools to create textured finish which replicates stone. It can also be left as a closed, smooth finish as a solid colour which can be polished and waxed.