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Kreidezeit Balsamic Turpentine

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  • Kreidezeit Balsamic Turpentine - 500 ml (446) ()
  • Kreidezeit Balsamic Turpentine - 1 Litre (447) ()

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Kreidezeit Balsamic Turpentine for thinning down oils waxes, and cleaning tools.

Use Balsamic Turpentine to thin down Kreidezeit wood lazures, hard oils, resins, waxes and natural oils such as Kreidezeit Hard Oil.

Natural solvent, made of the resinous gum of pine trees.

A natural turpentine specifically treated to reduce the likelihood of allergic reaction. However, do not swallow, inhale or use in contact with the skin.

Balsamic turpentine is extracted by steam distillation from the resin outflow (balsam) of various pine species. As a rule, about 70% of the pine balsam consists of rosin resin and 30% turpentine oil. The world‘s pine forests release several million tonnes of turpentine oil to the atmosphere every year. The earth has been used to it for millions of years and can handle it without damaging the atmosphere.

Balsamic Turpentine is a clear and low-viscosity essential oil with a peculiar, penetrating fresh smell and a bitterly pungent taste. Approximately 300,000 tonnes are produced annually. It is the most important essential oil in terms of quantity. The main producers are the USA, with about half of the world‘s production. Also the countries of the former USSR, Scandinavia, China, Portugal, Spain.


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