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Baumit Klima RK38 Levelling Plaster

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Baumit Klima RK38 is a premixed natural hydraulic lime plastering mortar for internal applications on all types of masonry.

Baumit Klima RK38 is suitable as a base-coat render, a dubbing coat before the application of wood fibre insulation boards and as a coarse finish top coat. 

A pure lime plaster which fulfils the physical and biological considerations within the built environment.

  • Moderate strength development of the lime binder produces a plaster coating free of stresses.
  • A healthier alternative to gypsum or cement based products.
  • Suitable for application in wet rooms.
  • Resistant to impact loading.
  • One material, from the basement to the roof.



Bag size 35 kg / 36 bags per pallet (1260 kg)
Colour White
Grain size Between 0-0.8mm
Consumption app. 1.3 kg /m²/mm
Yield app. 2.7 m²/bag/10mm
Water demand 11 – 12l per bag 


Store in a dry, cool conditions, free from frost in sealed tubs. Shelf life 12months. 


Substrates must be sounds, clean, dry, free from frost, dust efflorescence and not water repellent.


Baumit Klima RK 38 can be mixed with clean water in a tub to a lump free, creamy consistency with an electric hand mixer. Automated continuous horizontal mixers may also be used. Only mix with clean water and other additives. For small areas the mixed plaster can be manually applied. For larger areas the fresh plaster can be fed into a mortar pump for spray application. Alternatively, mortar mixing pumps provide an all-in-one mixing and spraying solution.


The plaster is applied onto the substrate to the required thickness in one or two passes (fresh-in-fresh) depending on the degree of suction from the substrate and ruled off with a straight edge, filling in undulations to produce a flat and even plaster layer.

Minimum application is 10mm. On hardening the surface is finely floated or finely scraped in preparation for receiving the topcoat. The drying times (1 day/mm thickness) must be observed. A maximum plaster thickness of 20 mm may be applied in a single application. Where necessary, greater thicknesses must be built up in multiple coats of at least 10 mm in thickness. Upon setting the surface of each additional coat is horizontally keyed with a plasterers comb to receive the following coat. Drying times between each coat (1 day/mm thickness) must be observed.


Baumit Klima RK 38 as a topcoat plaster is applied onto the basecoat and smoothed out flat with a trowel or spatula. Minimum application thickness is 3mm. Shortly afterwards the surface is lightly rubbed over with a fine sponge float in tight circular motions to produce a fine, plain finish. A paint finish may be applied if required. Baumit Klima Glätt W (lime skim finishing plaster) or Baumit decorative topcoat plasters are also suitable for application onto a basecoat of Baumit Klima RK 38. Refer to the relevant Product Data Sheets.



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