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Cork Board Insulation

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Product Variants

  • Cork Board Insulation - 20 mm (7.5 m²/pack) ()
  • Cork Board Insulation - 30 mm (5 m²/pack) ()
  • Cork Board Insulation - 40 mm (4 m²/pack) ()
  • Cork Board Insulation - 50 mm (3 m²/pack) ()
  • Cork Board Insulation - 60 mm (2.5 m²/pack) ()
  • Cork Board Insulation - 80 mm (2 m²/pack) ()
  • Cork Board Insulation - 100 mm (1.5 m²/pack) ()
  • Cork Board Insulation - 120 mm (1 m²/pack) Special order ()
  • Cork Board Insulation - 140 mm (1 m²/pack) Special order ()
  • Cork Board Insulation - 160 mm (1 m²/pack) Special order ()

Product Summary

Product Description

Cork Board Insulation by Secil is a high performance, natural, sustainable and vapour permeable insulation system for use internally and externally.

Cork Board insulation is made entirely from natural and renewable cork. Use Cork Boards as part of a system, offering a vapour permeable insulation and excellent acoustic performance.

labc registered

SecilVit Cork Board insulation system is LABC (Local Authority Building Control) Assured.

LABC represents all local authority building control teams in England and Wales. Members work cooperatively with building owners, home owners, architects, plan drawers, developers, building contractors and other professionals to ensure buildings are safe, healthy and efficient to meet the standards set by the building regulations.

The low thermal conductivity (λ=0.037 - 0.040 W/m.K) of cork board offers high energy efficiency. Therefore contributing to an environmental and economic saving.

Using 100% natural cork panels on a building ensures maximum thermal and good acoustic insulation whilst also preserving the environment.

Providing natural and sustainable insulation (extracted from the cork-oak tree every 9 years), the cork used in the Cork Board system is a breathable material, free from any chemicals, synthetic resins and carcinogenic materials. This therefore contributes to a natural, healthy environment inside or outside of your home.

Cork Boards are available in a range of thicknesses and each board measures 500 mm x 1000 mm. Supplied in packs - the number of boards per pack differs depending on the thickness of board.

The adhesive mortar Isovit E-Cork, constituted by natural hydraulic lime and cork aggregates, ensures the perfect compatibility and correct fixing of the insulation cork panels. Completed with the Reabilita Cal AC 100% natural hydraulic lime mortar as an effective protection against weathering.

Fixing Cork Board to Solid Masonry

  1. Isovit E-Cork applied with a 5 mm notched trowel to back of Cork Board and 'stuck' to levelled masonry.
  2. Insulated masonry fixings (not required for the majority of internal applications).

Example Cork Board Render/Plaster Specification

  1. Isovit E-Cork applied with a 5 mm notched trowel.
  2. 4 mm glass fibre mesh.
  3. 2nd pass of Isovit E-Cork to cover mesh giving total backing coat thickness of 6 mm.
  4. Reabilita Cal AC (Finishing Render) @ 4 mm (applied in two 2 mm passes).
  5. Optional 1 mm Regency Plaster (for fine internal finishes only).

Use externally and internally. Contact us to discuss quantities and application or click on the Documentation tab below for more information.


Product Gallery

     SecilVit cork boards application  SecilVit cork board finished       


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