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Earthborn Isolating Primer

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Product Variants

  • Earthborn Isolating Primer - 2.5 Litre (#5069)
  • Earthborn Isolating Primer - 750 ml (#5070)

Product Summary


Product Description

Earthborn Isolating Primer is designed to treat stubborn, dry stains before over painting with water based paints such as Earthborn Claypaint or Earthborn Lifestyle Emulsion.

Isolating Primer is a matt white paint that contains a stain inhibitor. It is ideal for treating stains including crayon, graffiti, water stains, creosote, smoke stains, hand marks, asphalt etc. Therefore helping to prevent bleeding through the new paintwork.

Made from carefully selected, premium quality ingredients and formulated to be less harmful to the user and the environment than competing products.

Drying Time

Touch dry in approximately 30 minutes depending on temperature and humidity. Apply a second coat after 4 hours, if required.


Up to 14 m² per litre
Coverage is approximate and dependent on surface properties


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