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GEOCELL® Foam Glass Bubbles

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Product Variants

  • GEOCELL® Foam Glass Bubbles - 100 Litre, 2-4 mm ()
  • GEOCELL® Foam Glass Bubbles - 100 Litre, 4-8 mm ()

Product Summary


Product Description

Foam Glass Bubbles by GEOCELL for use in bound and unbound insulating floor systems.

GEOCELL Foam Glass Bubbles are versatile insulating beads for use with or without a binder (such as natural hydraulic lime or cement).
In addition to having no negative impact on health, using foam glass bubbles guarantees excellent insulation with the highest fire safety and ease of use.

  • Thermal Conductivity – 0.07 W/mK.

GEOCELL Glass Bubbles vs Vermiculite

Unbound (loose) Thermal Insulation

GEOCELL® foam glass bubbles have excellent free-flowing properties due to their spherical shape. As a result, the small glass beads easily fill voids in beamed ceilings, floors and cavity walls for improved thermal insulation. Furthermore, it's very easy to cover pipes and cable ducts.

Use environmentally friendly, lightweight glass bubbles in many of the same applications as vermiculite but in addition have the significant advantages of being:

  • non-absorbent.
  • non-capillary.
  • vapour permeable.
  • fire resistant Class A1
  • inert, safe and dust-free.
  • made from recycled glass (not produced from virgin materials).

Bound Fill Thermal Insulation

Bound GEOCELL Glass Bubbles can be used where a lightweight insulating system is required. This mineral-bound, pressure-resistant packing is subsequently useful for the leveling of floors over cables and pipelines.

Static considerations play an important role in the use of expanded glass bubbles for balconies and terraces. Balconies and roof terraces can only accept limited loads. Glass bubbles are much lighter than other drainage materials therefore the insulation of structures can be reduced significantly by weight.


  • 100 litre bags available from stock.
  • 2 m³ bulk bags available on request.


Product Attributes

  • Size: 100 Litre, 2 m³
  • Grading: 2-4 mm, 4-8 mm

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