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GEOCELL Foam Glass Aggregate

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Product Variants

  • GEOCELL Foam Glass Aggregate ()Grading: 10/60 mm Standard, GEOCELL unit sizes: 1 m³ bulk bag
  • GEOCELL Foam Glass Aggregate ()Grading: 10/60 mm Standard, GEOCELL unit sizes: 2 m³ bulk bag
  • GEOCELL Foam Glass Aggregate ()Grading: 10/30 mm Fine, GEOCELL unit sizes: 1 m³ bulk bag
  • GEOCELL Foam Glass Aggregate ()Grading: 10/30 mm Fine, GEOCELL unit sizes: 2 m³ bulk bag

Product Summary


Product Description

Foam Glass Aggregate by GEOCELL®. A high quality insulation hardcore made from 99% recycled glass.

GEOCELL Foam Glass Aggregate is an insulation material for underground use. Recycled foam glass aggregate saves energy and also contributes to a comfortable indoor environment.


An LABC Assured product, GEOCELL Foam Glass is both economical and environmentally sound.

  • EXCELLENT INSULATION VALUES - lambda = 0.08 w/mK.
  • STRONG - due to its cell structure, GEOCELL provides excellent compressive strength.
  • NON-CAPILLARY, NON-COMBUSTIBLE - comprised of closed cells and do therefore not absorb water. Classified as an A 1 fire resistant building material.
  • STABLE - inert and resistant to insects and rodents.
  • SUSTAINABLE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - made from 99% recycled glass and essentially pH-neutral.
  • CE CERTIFICATION - CE Mark that meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives.
  • SAVES TIME AND MONEY - quicker to install than other methods and can therefore cut labour time and cost.

Foam Glass Uses

Foam glass aggregate (or gravel) by GEOCELL is extremely versatile because of its unique characteristics. It is light weight, load bearing, draining, fire resistant and insulating.

Foamed glass aggregate is a sustainable replacement construction material for:

Use recycled foam glass aggregate in the same way as coated clay aggregate. However, it is also capable of being used as a load bearing hardcore.

It also offers better insulation (approximately 20% better in thermal performance than lightweight expanded clay aggregate). It therefore needs less depth to achieve a similar thermal performance.

Selecting an appropriate insulation is especially crucial in old buildings. GEOCELL Foam Glass combines a drainage layer and insulation in a single product, thus reducing depth. 

Suitable for insulation sub-bases in single/multi family houses, schools, swimming pools and even more......

GEOCELL is unaffected by water and is environmentally green. GEOCELL is made from waste glass that can also be reused or recycled again.

We do the maths!

It can be complicated working out volumes and U-values. So just tell us what you need and we will work it out for you. For example, we can calculate all the design information you need for your floor: thickness, insulation values using our accredited design programme, along with full material quotes including delivery.

Manufacturing Process

The first stage of the process is crushing the glass into very small pieces and then into a very fine powder. After the powder has been blended with natural foaming agents, it is dropped on the conveyor belt that feeds the kiln.

The blend rises as it bakes and bubbles of gas released during the baking process follow a torturous path as they escape, creating a rigid and highly porous foam with the desired physical properties.

Once done baking at close to 900 degrees, the 'foam glass cake' exits the kiln on the conveyor belt to cool down. As soon as it reaches room temperature, the product cracks into smaller chunks - our GEOCELL foam glass gravel.

For examples of GEOCELL Foam Glass used as part of limecrete floor systems please visit:


For large projects, direct loads up to 90 m³ are available with prices starting from £75+VAT per m³.Save


Product Attributes

  • Grading: 10/30 mm Fine, 10/60 mm Standard
  • GEOCELL unit sizes: 1 m³ bulk bag, 2 m³ bulk bag, 90 m³ loose load

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