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Earthborn Furniture Wax

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Product Variants

  • Earthborn Furniture Wax - 125 ml (#11458)
  • Earthborn Furniture Wax - 400 ml ()

Product Summary


Product Description

Earthborn Furniture Wax is a clear wax that provides a protective satin finish to interior wood surfaces.

Earthborn Furniture Wax dries to leave a clear satin, water repellent surface that is fully moisture permeable. It's dirt resistant and anti-static. Quickly dries for polishing. Easily maintain worn areas by re-applying wax.

Use on most interior absorbent surfaces, especially wood, cork, un-glazed tiles and as a finish on furniture painted with Earthborn Claypaint 1.

Waxed surfaces will remain breathable, protected and maintained, repelling water, dust and grease.

Drying Time

Polish after 30-45 minutes (depending on drying conditions).

This product needs several days to fully cure. During this period, wipe any spills or liquid immediately.

(N.B. NOT recommended for floors or other heavy-duty surfaces)

Approximate Coverage 

400 ml = 20 m²

Product Attributes

  • Size: 125 ml, 400 ml


  1. https://www.mikewye.co.uk/product/earthborn-claypa int/
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