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Geotextile Membrane

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Product Variants

  • Geotextile Membrane - 100m x 4.5m ()
  • Geotextile Membrane - 1m x 4.5m ()

Product Description

A vapour permeable, thermally bonded nonwoven, geotextile membrane with excellent separation & filtration properties, ideal for use in a variety of construction applications. We supply it for use in a build up for a limecrete 1 or glasscrete 2 floor.

Other Applications:

• Separating/strengthening layer under access roads and areas of hard standing

• Filter surround for trench drains

• Separation to stop the intermixing of dissimilar soil layers

• Filtration - allowing the flow of water whilst preventing the passage of soil

• Horse arenas - separation of infill materials

• Filter surround for infiltration tanks

As it comes in a 100m roll (4.5m wide) we cut it down to linear metre lengths as required for ease of carriage.

Product Attributes

  • Unit Size: 1m x 4.5m, 100m x 4.5m

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  1. https://www.limecrete.net/limecrete-solid-floor/
  2. https://www.limecrete.net/glasscrete/
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