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Hessian Sheet

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Product Variants

  • Hessian Sheet - 50m x 1.8m roll (9oz) ()
  • Hessian Sheet - 1m x 1.8m (9oz) ()

Product Description

Hessian sheeting helps to protect lime mortars from rain, sun and drying winds. In combination with tarpaulins they can also give frost protection. We supply a higher quality hessian sheeting in order to provide better protection than some of the light weight or poorer quality hessian that can be obtained.

Damping & curing (render):
It is very important to control suction from a wall by light spraying with water half an hour before applying each coat (especially cob and porous brick) and in warm weather it will be necessary to spray each coat afterwards. Whatever the season, protect each render coat during the curing process from all the elements such as hot drying wind, strong sun, rain and don't apply in temperatures below 5 degrees centigrade or if there's a risk of frost. A heavy cloth such as hessian sheeting will provide a suitable physical barrier and should be left in place as long as required.


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