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Kreidezeit Brush and Roll-on Plaster

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Product Variants

  • Kreidezeit Brush and Roll-on Plaster - 2.5kg (165) ()
  • Kreidezeit Brush and Roll-on Plaster - 10kg (166) ()
  • Kreidezeit Brush and Roll-on Plaster - 25kg (167) ()

Product Summary

Product Description

Kreidezeit Brush and Roll-on Plaster is a versatile coating with a fine plaster texture for interior use.

Brush and Roll-on Plaster is a filling and whitewash coating for interior use. Ideally suitable for smoothing light unevenness of plaster boards and fibre boards as well as plaster patches.

Gives smooth surfaces a fine structured plaster texture and also keeps the look of fine-rough plaster, which would be lost with the use of smooth wall paints.


Apply a base coat to all renders, fillers, levelled drywall, concrete and old emulsion paints with Vega Primer or Casein Primer and leave to dry completely. Do not apply to paper fleece/wallpaper.

Application temperature at least 8°C. Stir occasionally during. Two coats are typically required for full opacity. Do not attempt to cover dark and high-contrast substrates with only one coat; excessive application thicknesses can lead to damage to the coating!

Allow previous coats to dry completely before applying another coat. During the application, the wet plaster is translucent; it only becomes fully opaque once drying is complete.


On even and normal absorbent surfaces approx. 310 g of powder per m² per coating.

Product Characteristics

  • Powder - mix with water.
  • Bound by milk protein.
  • Easy to use with brush or roller.
  • Grain = 0.5 mm maximum.
  • Highly diffusible.
  • Can be tinted with all earth and mineral pigments.
  • Natural lime white (without titanium white).
  • No preservatives.
  • Excellent opacity.


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