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Kreidezeit Casein Marble Paint

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Product Variants

  • Kreidezeit Casein Marble Paint - 2.5kg (105) ()
  • Kreidezeit Casein Marble Paint - 5kg (106) - Ordered on request ()
  • Kreidezeit Casein Marble Paint - 10kg (107) - Ordered on request ()
  • Kreidezeit Casein Marble Paint - 25kg (108) - Ordered on request ()

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Product Description

Casein Marble Paint is bound by milk protein and is Kreidezeit's best-selling wall and ceiling paint.

Casein Marble Paint is a form of casein paint used for coatings on walls and ceilings which contains pure natural milk protein (Casein) as a binding agent.

Since ancient Egypt times paints made of milk and pigments were produced and used. Similar paints have been mentioned in old Hebrew documents. Mural paintings in the Sistine Chapel (Secco technique) have been made durable using similar traditional paint.

Later on, curd cheese was used instead of milk as it contains approximately three times more casein (about 12 %). Due to the usage of milk and curd cheese these paints always had to be applied when they were still fresh. They could only be kept a few hours to a few days before they would begin to 'turn' (much like milk and cream).

Modern casein paints are produced in powder form and contain dried casein. This extends the shelf life to a couple of years. Preservatives became unnecessary, thus reducing transport weight, packaging waste and keeping transportation costs to a minimum.

Milk casein is obtained by treating fresh milk with acid or rennet flocculating the protein, so that it can be filtered, dried and pulverised. The protein actually keeps it at food quality standard.

Casein alone cannot be used as a binder, it lacks sufficient adhesive force. It will not change into an adhesive before alkalis have been added, which break the protein down. Suitable agents are potash, soda, bicarbonate (baking powder), borax or lime hydrate.


Apply a base coat to all renders, fillers, levelled drywall, concrete and old emulsion paints with Vega Primer or Casein Primer and leave to dry completely.
Do not apply to paper fleece/wallpaper.

Application temperature at least 8°C. Stir occasionally. Two coats are typically required for full opacity. Do not attempt to cover dark and high-contrast substrates with only one coat of paint; excessive application thicknesses can lead to damage to the coating!
Allow previous coats to dry completely before applying another coat. During the application, the wet paint is translucent; it only becomes fully opaque once drying is complete.

Using a paint brush:
Apply evenly with a facade brush in a criss-cross pattern.

Using a roller:
Apply the paint liberally and evenly in a criss-cross pattern. Then immediately use a roller in a single direction, without applying any further paint. The Paint must be applied on the same day as mixing.

Do not use paint that smells bad or rotten under any circumstances: Danger of prolonged odour problems even after drying!


On even and normal absorbent surfaces approx. 145 g of paint powder per m² per coating.

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