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Kreidezeit Distemper Paint

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Product Summary

Product Description

Kreidezeit Distemper Paint is a traditional chalk and marble based interior paint. It creates a matt finish, is almost odourless and exceptionally breathable.

Distemper Paint was the standard choice for interior paint in many parts of Europe until the 1960's. Due to the wide spread usage of ready-to-use emulsion paint, distemper paint vanished from the market despite its many advantages. Kreidezeit have managed to preserve this treasure!

The binding agents of earlier glue-bound distemper was glue from bones, starch and leather. Kreidezeit use Methylcellulose. 
Glue-bound distempers are very open to diffusion and thus have a positive influence on internal humidity levels.

Use Distemper Paint for almost all interior wall construction materials. However it is particularly suited to ceilings because of its even cloth-matt look.

Because of their simple emission-free and odourless ingredients, many of Kreidezeit's natural paints are better for people suffering from allergies or chemical sensitivity.

Product characteristics

  • 5 kg powder (mix with water).
  • Coverage of approximately 40 m² per 5 kg paint (Kreidezeit's best value for money paint). 
  • Naturally white (no titanium dioxide).
  • Highly breathable.
  • Tint with earth and mineral pigments to create a range of colours.
  • No preservatives.


Apply a base coat to all renders, fillers, levelled drywall, concrete and old emulsion paints with Vega Primer or Casein Primer and leave to dry completely.
Do not apply to paper fleece/wallpaper.

Application temperature at least 8°C.
Stir occasionally during application. Two coats are typically required for full opacity. Do not attempt to cover dark and high-contrast substrates with only one coat of paint; excessive application thicknesses can lead to damage
to the coating!
Allow previous coats to dry completely before
applying another coat. During the application, the wet paint is translucent; it only becomes fully opaque once drying is complete.

You can apply the first coat of Distemper with a roller. All subsequent coats must be applied by brushing with paint brushes.

Using a paint brush:
Apply evenly with a facade brush in a criss-cross pattern.

Using a roller:
Apply the paint liberally and evenly in a criss-cross pattern. Then immediately use a roller in a single direction, without applying any further paint.
The mixed paint must be applied in 2-3 days.

Do not use paint that smells bad or rotten under any circumstances: Danger of prolonged odour problems even after drying!


On even and normal absorbent surfaces approx. 125 g of paint powder per m² per coating.

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