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Kreidezeit Floor Hard Oil

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  • Kreidezeit Floor Hard Oil - 750 ml (310) ()

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Product Description

Kreidezeit Floor Hard Oil is a universal wood oil for indoor use. Hard-wearing protection for floors, counter tops, tables, furniture, beams, window interiors, cladding and much more.

Kreidezeit Floor Hard Oil contains natural balsamic turpentine, making it perfect for all wooden surfaces and types, even for dense wood and wood containing tannin.

The high linseed oil content ensures that the product doesn't dry too quickly and deeply penetrates into the tiniest of pores thanks to the small size of the molecules.

Floor Hard Oil has stood the test of time, having been in our range for over 25 years. It consists exclusively of natural oils and resins and contains no ‘hidden' alkyd resins produced from non-drying oils such as rapeseed, soybean or sunflower oil.


  • Hard-wearing, dirt and water-resistant
  • Solvent-based, very economical
  • Doesn't tear or become brittle
  • Diffusible, anti-static and warm to touch
  • Transparent, honey-toned and colour-deepening
  • Excellent penetration
  • Easy to work with and touch up
  • Saliva and sweat-resistant according to DIN 53160
  • Cobalt, lead and barium-free
  • Vegan


Approximately 0.05 to 0.08 litres per m² per coat.

Full Declaration

Linseed oil, balsamic turpentine, linseed stand oil, tung stand oil, glycerol ester of wood rosin and manganese drier.

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