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Kreidezeit Stucco Fine (Venetian Style Plaster)

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Product Variants

  • Kreidezeit Stucco Fine (Venetian Style Plaster) - 2.5 kg, White ()
  • Kreidezeit Stucco Fine (Venetian Style Plaster) - 10 kg, White ()
  • Kreidezeit Stucco Fine (Venetian Style Plaster) - 2.5 kg (#19116)
  • Kreidezeit Stucco Fine (Venetian Style Plaster) - 10 kg ()

Product Summary

Product Description

Stucco Fine by Kreidezeit is a very easy-to-use polished plaster for very fine stucco works on smooth surfaces in the interior. Mimicking Venetian plaster, two wafer-thin layers produce a polished, deep transparency.

Stucco Fine is designed to be plastered in very thin coats with special trowels or spatulas. The overall thickness will usually be between 0.5 and 1 mm. The number of coats depends on the desired effect with the layering of colours possible with this type of polished plaster. It also has a natural fungicidal effect and can therefore also be used in damp rooms without any problems.

Venetian Plaster has been used since the middle ages to create stunning finishes. There are many differing names in use today for this type of finish – these kinds of plaster are often called 'polished plaster' or 'marbled plaster' because of the typical finishes that can be achieved.

Suitable surfaces for application are untreated, even and absorbent plasters: lime plasters, lime cement plasters, cement plasters and gypsum plasters. Ideal for application on Kreidezeit Lime Wall Finish Smooth.
Unsuitable surfaces are old glue-bound distemper coatings, chalking lime coatings, oil paints, latex- and plastic coatings, wood and wood-based material, metal and all even, non-absorbent surfaces as well as permanently humid surfaces.


Whilst the images below are taken from actual polished plaster samples, they should only be treated as a guide to the achievable colour as we cannot guarantee accuracy based on device settings.



Assissi Grey



Bottle Green





Foggy Blue







Red Earth



Soft Pink





*Note: The colours marked with an asterisk contain a blue pigment which is not lime-fast. It is therefore advised that they be used immediately when mixed or the colour will fade.


  • Powder to be mixed with water.
  • Easy to use.
  • Diffusible.
  • Natural white due to fine marble flour.
  • Without Titanium White.
  • Water repellent after treatment with Kreidezeit Polishing Soap. 1
  • High gloss finish after treatment with Kreidezeit Punic Wax. 2
  • Viscosity: paste-like after mixing with water.
  • Vegan.

Full Declaration

Marble lime hydrate, marble flour, cellulose, clays, methyl cellulose.


200-300 g/m² for a 2 coat application.


Apply a base coat to all renders, fillers, plasterboard and concrete with Vega Primer or Casein Primer and leave to dry completely.

Backing Coat
For the creation of an evenly absorbent and evenly textured substrate apply a smooth or lightly textured intermediate layer with Kreidezeit Lime Wall Finish Fine.


Application temperature at least 8°C.

Apply Stucco Fine thinly in two or more layers. Apply the first layer evenly over the entire surface in the desired hue. Wait at until the first layer is dry before applying following layers.

The following layers are applied in quick succession over the entire surface. Only the last layer of Stucco Fine can be pressed to a gloss finish with a Venetian trowel.

After the last layer of Stucco Fine has dried (and not beyond 24 hours), apply Kreidezeit Polishing Soap thickly, regularly and all over the surface with a soft brush.
After a short setting time compress and polish with a trowel while taking off surplus material. Through this, a higher gloss and a water and dirt repellent surface is achieved. Chemically this process creates an insoluble lime-soap by the reaction of polishing soap with the lime in the surface.

Further Treatments
After at least 24 hours of drying time and to achieve a higher gloss, apply Kreidezeit Punic Wax.

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  2. https://www.kreidezeit.de/en/product/punic-wax/
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