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Lime Mortar Samples

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Product Variants

  • Lime Mortar Samples - 3 Pale Yellow ()
  • Lime Mortar Samples - 7 Coarse Hill ()
  • Lime Mortar Samples - 6 Pale Hill ()
  • Lime Mortar Samples - 5 Deep Hill ()
  • Lime Mortar Samples - 4 Coarse Pale Yellow ()
  • Lime Mortar Samples - 2 MW Coarse ()
  • Lime Mortar Samples - 1 MW Standard ()

Product Description

In the past, lime mortar tended to be mixed on site with sands which were locally available. Since the sand influences the lime mortar colour, pointing mortar can vary dramatically from district to district.

If your lime pointing needs replacing you will want to match the existing lime mortar colour as closely as possible.
We carry a range of sands which are blended to create a selection of coloured mortars which we can send to you as lime mortar sample biscuits.

Of course we will be attempting to match the original colour of the mortar, not the current weathered colour; in due course, as the mortar darkens and weathers, it will more closely match any remaining original mortar.

We do not make a charge for advice on matching the samples.

Coloured Mortars for Matching Historic Lime Pointing.

We blend selected coloured sands with lime putty to create special mortar mixes which closely match historic mortars. 

1 MW Standard

2 MW Coarse

3 Pale Yellow

4 Coarse Pale Yellow

5 Deep Hill

6 Pale Hill

7 Coarse Pale Hill

Have a look at our "Repair Guidesheets" 1 and "FAQs" 2 if you need further details on the use of lime mortar and pozzolan additives,

Our standard range of lime mortars are available for immediate dispatch throughout the UK. However, please allow an additional 3-5 day lead time for special coloured mortars as these are generally made to order.


  1. http://www.mikewye.co.uk/guidesheets/
  2. http://www.mikewye.co.uk/faqs/
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