Lime Mortar

4/1 Lime Mortar Unhaired
Haired Lime Putty Mortar Scratch CoatLime Putty Mortar Float Coat

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Lime mortar made traditionally from our UK produced lime putty and specially selected sands.

Lime mortar is used for bedding, lime pointing lime plaster and lime render.

Our high quality lime mortars are suitable for various building uses – please speak with our friendly technical sales staff for more information about how best to use lime mortar.

The lime putty we produce for our lime mortar and plaster is made from a refined high calcium quicklime (CaO) which is slaked and left to mature for a minimum of three months.

Lime mortar is supplied as the following mixes:

Unhaired Coarse Mix.

3:1 ratio (sand : lime). Suitable for internal and external building, lime render and lime plaster (scratch/float coat <10 mm), and lime pointing (add a pozzolan for external use)

Haired Coarse Mix.

3:1 ratio (sand : lime). Suitable for internal backing coats of lime render or lime plaster. For the scratch coat onto lath ceilings we also supply an extra haired lime mortar suitable for external backing coats of render (with pozzolan).

Our haired lime mortar is made from premixed mature lime putty and specially selected sands. We use 2 kg of  natural animal hair per m3 of mortar as standard but can arrange for goat hair. 

Haired lime mortar needs to be used within 2 – 3 weeks as the hair will gradually dissolve with the alkaline lime. The mortar is still usable if you tease fresh hair back into it.

Extra Haired Coarse Mix.

3:1 ratio (sand : lime). Suitable for scratch coat lime plaster onto lath ceilings.

We use 4 kg of  natural animal hair per m3 of mortar in our extra haired coarse mix.

Cob Bedding Mortar.

4:1 ratio (sand : lime), suitable for laying cob blocks.

We also offer a range of coloured lime mortar for matching historic lime pointing.

In the past, lime mortar tended to be mixed on site with whatever sand was locally available. Since the sand influences the colour of the lime mortar, colours of pointing mortar can vary dramatically from district to district.

If your lime pointing needs replacing or repair, you will wish to match the existing colour as closely as possible. We carry a range of sands which we use to mix a selection of coloured mortars to help with this process.

This is achieved by mixing lime putty with blends of suitable coloured sands. We can supply sample biscuits for you to match your own mortar or we are happy to give advice if you send us a sample of your mortar in the post.

Lime Mortar Biscuit Box 2016

Of course we will be attempting to match the original colour of the mortar, not the current weathered colour; in due course, as the mortar darkens and weathers, it will more closely match any remaining original mortar.

We do not make a charge for advice on matching the samples. For advice on the use of lime mortar and pozzolans, have a look at our “Repair Guidesheets” and “FAQs”.

Our standard range of lime mortars are fully matured and available for immediate despatch. Specialist coloured mortars are typically used for pointing or bedding stone or brickwork where you need to match an existing or the local type of lime mortar. These mortars are made to order, typically with a 2-3 day lead time and some coloured lime mortars cost more than our standard lime mortar.


1,000 kg of coarse mix lime mortar will:

  • re-point approximately 100-150 m² of stonework,
  • re-point approximately 50 m² of brickwork,
  • render/plaster 50 m2 at 10 mm thick.

1,000 kg of 4/1 lime mortar will:

  • lay approximately 150 cob blocks.

For more information on the different types of building lime, visit our FAQs page or our natural hydraulic lime website.

For more information on the use of lime in floors, visit our dedicated limecrete website.


Please see below the standards that our raw materials conform to:

Sand: 0-4mm Sand EN12620 or BS882 Lime: BS EN 459-1 : 2001

Soundness test ( totally slaked ) – pass
PATS test ( moisture content/maturity ) – pass 99.99% is finer than 0.18mm particle size

Hair: All of the hair used in our hired lime mortar has been disinfected and has a veterinary (health) certificate.

You will find a wealth of information about how to use our products on our website, and we are very pleased to give advice on the telephone, but if you are looking for additional independent advice, we recommend The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings or The Listed Property Owners Club

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Bulk Discounts: 2 – 3 tonnes = 5%, 4 – 9 tonnes = 10%, 10+ tonnes = 12.5%, 10% for full a full pallet of tubs (45 x 20 kg)

Coarse Mix
Extra Haired
Special Mix
Cob Bedding 
20 kg
500 kg
*900 kg £123.00 £146.00 £161.00 £141.00 £116.00
1,000 kg

*900 kg bulk bags are designed for safe transport & unloading on a vehicle with a tail lift.

Single biscuit sample
Biscuit mortar sample box set

All prices exclude VAT and delivery

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The Image below shows a selection of lime mortar biscuits that we can mix and supply for specific requirements for colour and texture. We can supply these by post for confirmation that the selected sample is suitable.

The samples are £1.50+VAT and carriage each or £35+VAT and carriage for the boxed set as shown below.

Lime putty mortar are pre-mixed by ourselves ready to use, with the addition of a pozzolan by the customer where required.

Zigzag fine (colour varies)
2 x MW1/1 x Blackhill
1 x MW1/2 x Blackhill
2 x Blackhill/1 x Ginger Wilkes
1 x Blackhill/2 x Ginger Wilkes
1 x MW1/2 xGinger Wilkes
2x MW1/1 xGinger Wilkes
1 x MW1/2 Millhill
1 x MW1/1 x Millhill/1 x G.Wilkes
Zigzag medium
Lime Mortar Biscuit Box 2016

Lime Putty Mortar Sample Colours – Click image to enlarge