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Heritage Lime Plaster

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Product Variants

  • Heritage Lime Plaster - 19 kg tub ()
  • Heritage Lime Plaster - 500 kg dumpy bag ()
  • Heritage Lime Plaster - 900 kg dumpy bag ()

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Heritage Lime Plaster is our most popular, fine finish internal top coat skim.
Use for general internal lime plastering on to walls and ceilings and also when skimming on to plasterboard.

Lime plastering requires patience and a little know-how to achieve beautiful, functional and a long lasting lime plaster finish.

For plasterboard, it will be necessary to first scrim the joints with a thin coat of gypsum to secure the scrim tape. Apply Baumit Premium Primer 1 over the whole surface before lime plastering.

Regency Plaster by Mike Wye offers the smoothest of finishes designed to match the finest historic plaster work.

Lime plaster offers advantages over cement based mortars and gypsum plasters for the lime plastering of traditional properties. 

  • Vapour permeable: allows the structure to “breathe”.
  • Flexible: can accommodate general movement better.
  • Self-healing: can help to reduce cracking problems.
  • Hygroscopic: ability to absorb moisture which can therefore reduce condensation problems and regulate humidity.

As with all lime putty based materials the best outcome requires patience and careful control of drying and suction. The reward for this being an attractive and long lasting plaster.


3 mm skim of Heritage Lime Plaster = 6 kg/m² (applied as 2 passes)

For more information on the types of lime and answers to FAQs visit naturalhydrauliclime.net


  1. https://www.mikewye.co.uk/product/baumit-dg27/
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