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Lime Putty

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Product Variants

  • Lime Putty - 20kg ()
  • Lime Putty - 12kg ()

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Product Description

Lime Putty manufactured by Mike Wye is made from the finest British quicklime and matured for a minimum of three months.

Mortars and plasters using lime putty offer superior flexibility and breathability compared with cement and gypsum. It is the right material for use with historic building repair and conservation. It is non-hydraulic (does not set with water) but the addition of a Pozzolanic additive 1 will create a hydraulic set, improving its suitability for external and strength work.

Mike Wye produce lime putty (calcium dihydroxide/fat lime/slaked lime) for use in the production of traditional lime mortar, lime plaster and limewash. We've been producing these traditional materials since 1994, with strict Product Controls based on simple, core materials.

Mike Wye carefully select and test the components of all lime products to ensure appropriateness for their specific application. We also strive to achieve the highest quality material compared to others available on the market.

Tested to meet the European EN459 -2:2001 standard:

Soundness (Slaked totally) Pass.
PATS test (moisture content/maturity) Pass.
99.99% is finer than 0.18 mm particle size.

Product Attributes

  • Size: 12kg, 20kg


  1. https://www.mikewye.co.uk/product/argical-pozzolan /
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