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Kreidezeit Moroccan Black Soap

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  • Kreidezeit Moroccan Black Soap - 400g (225) ()

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Product Description

Kreidezeit Moroccan Black Soap is made from the olive tree. This traditional soap is used in polishing Tadelakt to give extra a water repellent finish for showers and wet rooms.

Moroccan Black Soap is an olive-oil-based oil restoring soap.

Use Black Soap to give dark coloured Tadelakt surfaces a water repellent and dirt-resistant, shiny finish.
Dilute at a ratio of 1 part of Black Soap to 10 to 20 parts of warm water when using on Tadelakt.

Also use to clean all oiled or waxed surfaces, brushes and rollers.


Viscous, transparent, purely vegetable based.


100 % potassium soap from olive oil.

Application on Tadelakt

For application on Tadelakt, dilute at a ratio of 1 part of Black Soap plus 10 to 20 parts of warm water.
For more information please refer to the actual Tadelakt product information.

Maintenance of Tadelakt

To keep the functionality in wet areas, Tadelakt has to be "after-soaped“ every 1 - 2 months. Avoid matt areas and treat them with soap directly. Apply the diluted soap solution (1:20, see above).

Yield on Tadelakt

400 g Black Soap give 4 - 8 liters of soapy water and last for 40 to 80 m² Tadelakt at twice treatment.


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