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Pavan 805/IL Long Trowel

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Product Variants

  • Pavan 805/IL Long Trowel - 360mm x 100mm x 0.5mm ()

Product Description

Pavan 805/IL Long Trowel.

Flexibility and toughness are guaranteed by Pavan under all working conditions. Pavan 805/IL Long Trowel is assembled by welding. This is followed by rigorous testing for load bearing and x-rays to check correct joining. An exclusive lip process ensures the perfect application and quality of the final polishing operation.


Pavan Ernesto & Figli S.p.a. is a family company located in Arcade near Treviso, rich in history and traditions.
It is the only Italian manufacturer which designs and produces all the components of a wide range of building tools, including trowels, scrapers, brushes, knives, finishing trowels and fine arts tools.

Product Attributes

  • Size: 360mm x 100mm x 0.5mm


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