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Pavatex DB 3.5 Internal Airtightness Membrane

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Pavatex DB 3.5 airtight membrane is an internal membrane with an SD value of 3.5 m providing good levels of airtightness.

PAVATEX DB 3.5 is deployed as an airtight vapour control layer with vapour-open roof and wall constructions. 

The membrane is laid on the warm side of the insulation with ⅔ of the insulation on the outside of the membrane and ⅓ on the inside of the membrane.

This membrane is not self adhesive so overlaps must be taped. The sealing of membrane overlaps as well as the connections and penetrations are carried out with NBT airtight products.

Pavatex DB 3.5 airtight membrane is supplied in rolls measuring 1.5 m x 50 m. The actual use-able area is 70 m² per roll.

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 Pavatex DB3.5 Airtight membrane 


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