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Plastering Hair

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Product Variants

  • Plastering Hair - Straight Horse hair (1kg) ()
  • Plastering Hair - Straight Goat hair (1kg) ()
  • Plastering Hair - Curly Horse/Cow hair (1kg) ()

Product Description

We supply a range of natural animal hair used as a plastering hair in our traditional lime mixes. Coarse horse hair is suitable for backing coats of lime render and lime plaster. Goat hair is slightly finer and can be used in backing coats or top coats of lime plaster.

Plastering hair, in the form of horse, cow or goat hair, is typically added to backing coats of lime render and plaster. Adding plastering hair gives extra strength and minimises shrinking and cracking. It allows thicker coats to be applied to uneven walls and holds plaster keys in place when plastering onto lath.

Both our horse hair and goat hair are straight cut and bundled. 

You will find a wealth of information about how to use our products on our website, and we are very pleased to give advice on the telephone, but if you are looking for additional independent advice, we recommend The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings or The Listed Property Owners Club

Product Gallery

 Straight White Goats' Hair Bundle  Plastering hair | Horse hair  Horse / Cow Hair Mixture 


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