Regency Lime Plaster

Coloured Regency Lime Plaster
Soft Pink Regency PlasterAurora Pink Regency PlasterFinished: Aurora Coloured Regency PlasterRegency plaster being appliedAurora Regency being applied

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Now also available in colour!

Regency Lime Plaster is a superior blend of our mature lime putty with fine sands and marble flour. It is suitable for creating exceptionally smooth lime plaster finishes.

Regency Lime Plaster is now available from our range based on our 54 stunning limewash colours (see below). Please note that the colours shown here are by necessity only a representation of the actual colours and should only be used as a guide. Actual colours may vary from those shown here.

For use as a final coat, it is applied over a first coat of our 3/2 fine lime plaster. It can also be applied onto plasterboard or gypsum plasters providing these surfaces are primed with DG27 and receive an initial skim of 3/2 fine lime plaster.

Kreidezeit Polishing Soaps and waxes can be used for decorative effects and an improved protective finish.

Manufactured Pigments

1. Parchment 2. Aurora 3. Pinenut 4. Sunlight 5. Tan
6. Apricot 7. Terracotta 8. Red Earth 9. Cob 10. Mandarin
11. Blush 12. Soft Pink  13. Rose 14. Plum 15. Brick
16. Ariel* 17. Sky* 18. Ultramarine* 19. Foggy Blue* 20. Chambray*
21. Shell* 22. Mint 23. Sage* 24. Leaf 25. Sea Green*
26. Olivio  27. Pistachio 28. Hayfield 29. Cardamom 30. Bluegrass*
31. Stellatta 32. Buttermilk 33. Egg Noodle 34. Chickpea 35. Catkin
36. Assissi Grey  37. Elephant 38. Pigeon 39. Albert 40. Grape

*note The colours marked with an asterisk contain a blue pigment and it is advised that they be used within 14 days as the blue pigment is not lime-fast.

Natural Pigments

41. Ochre Yellow  42. Ochre Gold 43. Peach 44. Marigold 45. Marrakech
46. Red Ochre 47. Raw Sienna 48. Sienna 49. Burnt Sienna 50. Red Sienna
51. Raw Umber 52. Umbria 53. Burnt Umber 54. Red Umber

Wikipedia: Lime Plaster

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Coverage- 10 litre tub weighs 18 kg and covers 10 m² at 1 mm.

Standard (White)
18 kg
18 kg