Consolidation Mortar (NHL): Secil

Secil Consolidation Mortar
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Secil Consolidation Mortar is a dry, pre-mixed mortar, exclusively formulated from natural hydraulic lime.

Secil Consolidation Mortar incorporates thoroughly selected aggregates and additives and it is suited for consolidation of old substrates. It has particular thixotropic properties, adhesion, chemical resistance and durability specifically adapted for the intended use.

Secil Consolidation Mortar is especially suited for manual application and is recommended for use as a harled scat coat to provide a good key on various substrates prior to the application of lime mortar renders.

Secil Consolidation Mortar is used on surfaces of old masonry in renovation systems, as a layer of consolidation for stabilisation and homogenisation of substrates.

The exclusive use of the natural hydraulic lime binder and its special composition, results in an excellent compatibility with old substrates where, apart from the physical and mechanic compliance, there is also a high chemical compatibility.

Declaration of performance TC.E.0985 CE MARK information: REABILITA Cal Consolidação EN 998-1:2010

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A 25 kg bag will make up 16 litres of mortar when mixed with water to a suitable consistency for hand harling.

This gives a coverage of 5.2 m² at an average thickness of 3 mm.

Consolidation Mortar can also be used at a drier consistency as a natural hydraulic lime mortar.

(individual bag)
(40 bag full pallet)
25 kg