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SecilTek ecoCORK Insulating Render

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Product Summary

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Product Description

ecoCORK by SecilTek is a lightweight insulating render, formulated with natural cork aggregates, sands and natural hydraulic lime (NHL).

ecoCORK uses a blend of cork and natural hydraulic lime and, as a result, is a sustainable, ecological building product. This mortar blend therefore contributes to the improvement of thermal and acoustic insulation. 

Specially formulated for spray or manual application equally on to solid walls internally or externally.

  • An insulated render with improved thermal and acoustic performance (0.09 W/mK)
  • Lower fuel bills.
  • Natural hydraulic lime binder (no cement!).
  • Highly vapour permeable.
  • Sustainable, natural cork aggregate.
  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • Improved curing times (an overall speedier application).
  • Lightweight .


Ensure any structural repairs or deep dubbing out is completed before application of the ecoCORK system to give a reasonably true surface.

  • Apply a hand harled coat of Reabilita Cal CS 2 1 @ 3 mm to provide a physical key for the ecoCORK coat.
    Allow to cure for 24 - 48 hours.
  • A day or two after the Reabilita Cal CS 2 1 has been applied, apply the ecoCORK at a thickness of up to 20 mm, incorporating a 4 mm fibre glass mesh 3 bedded in between to minimise the possibility of cracking (i.e. 2 x 10 mm passes wet on wet).
    This is floated up with a plastic float, usually on the same day, to compress and flatten the surface to the desired shape to prepare for the Reabilita Cal AC 5 4. Allow to cure for 4 to 7 days.
  • Let the ecoCORK harden for a few days before applying a final coat of Reabilita Cal AC 5 4 at approximately 4 mm thick (2 x 2 mm passes). Apply the second 2 mm coat soon after the first 2 mm coat has been applied and is still drying.
  • If you are applying ecoCORK internally, an additional top coat of traditional lime plaster 6 or clay plaster can be applied for a fine finish.
    Whilst the top coat must be left to cure and dry for at least 14 days before painting, the SecilTEK Silicate Primer and Paint can typically be applied fairly soon after this period depending on the weather and protection afforded to the finished render.
  • We strongly advise the use of Silicate Primer 7 followed by a minimum of 2 coats of Silicate Paint 8 externally as a protective finish on ecoCORK.
    We recommend you apply primer and paint by brush to ensure that an adequate thickness has been applied. If using a roller you may require additional coats of paint to ensure the same consumption has been applied.

CE Mark Information

Secil ecoCORK Lime EN 998-1:2010 Light weight mortar (LW) and of Thermal Insulation (T) for internal and external coatings. Declaration of performance TC.E.0988.

You will find a wealth of information about how to use our products on our website. We are also happy to give advice on the telephone or via email. Customers can also obtain additional independent advice from SPAB 9 and LPOC. 10

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