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SecilTek Reabilita Cal CS (Consolidation)

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Product Variants

  • SecilTek Reabilita Cal CS (Consolidation) - 2.5 litre ()
  • SecilTek Reabilita Cal CS (Consolidation) - 25 kg ()

Product Summary

5% discount on full pallets

Product Description

Reabilita Cal CS (formerly Consolidation Mortar) by SecilTek is a dry, pre-mixed mortar exclusively formulated from natural hydraulic lime.

Reabilita Cal CS is a blend of select aggregates and natural hydraulic lime. It has thixotropic properties, good adhesion, chemical resistance and durability specifically adapted for the intended use.

For manual application:

  • Use as a harl coat to provide a key prior to the application of lime render, SecilTek ecoCORK or Reabilita Cal RB.
    A 25 kg bag will make up 16 litres of mortar when mixed with water to the consistency for harling (5 litres of water per 25 kg bag). This gives coverage of approximately 5 m² at an average thickness of 3 mm.
  • Use on old masonry in renovation systems, as a stabilising and consolidating layer of these substrates.
    Reabilita Cal CS can also be used at a drier consistency as a natural hydraulic lime mortar. This gives a coverage of approximately 1.5 m² at 10 mm thick.

The use of natural hydraulic lime and the special composition, results in excellent compatibility with old substrates. As well as the physical and mechanic compliance, there is also a high chemical compatibility.

You can also use SecilTek Reabilita Cal CS as a lime filler for repairing larger cracks and damage on external lime renders.

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