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Kreidezeit Siccative

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Kreidezeit Siccative is an additive used to speed the drying of linseed or safflower oil paints and finishes.

Siccative additives are contained in nearly all conventional resin paints (e.g. alcyde resin paint) and in standard oil-bound natural paints (e.g. Wood Lazure). 

Siccatives are solutions of so-called drying agents (metal salts of organic acids) in organic solvents. The contained metals speed up the oxidative drying process of natural drying oils due to their catalytic effect.

Linseed oil without siccative dries in 1 - 4 weeks. Linseed oil with siccative dries in a day.

Cobalt and manganese salts cause a quick drying of the surface. Zirconium, calcium and zinc salts as additional drying agents are responsible for the proper hardening of the oil film. Lead and Barium as additional drying agents are toxic and replaceable, but are still contained in many standard products. Lead and Barium are not used in Kreidezeit products. Cobalt is suspected to cause cancer. This relates mainly to dust from sanding old coatings containing cobalt which are inhaled. But while the fine dust from sanding untreated wood have a cancerous potential, it is wise to wear a suitable breathing mask while sanding wood. In a set condition, which means in a dry oil coating, these cobalt compounds are definitely not harmful to persons. This is proven by the approval for linseed oil containing cobalt siccative as a surface coating for wooden toys.

But the question might arise if the use of siccatives in natural paints makes sense or is admissible. Indeed, Kreidezeit and other producers of natural paints have to make a compromise. There is no current acceptable replacement for cobalt siccatives. The user of oil paints has two alternatives: shorter drying times with cobalt siccatives (and proper breathing protection) or using no siccatives, which causes long drying times and therefore dust sticking to the surface.


Maximum 1% siccative to oil content (i.e. 10 ml siccative to 1 litre e.g. linseed oil or safflower oil).
Stir in thoroughly and leave to rest for 24 hours before processing.


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