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Beautiful Tadelakt DVD - An Instructional Guide

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Product Description

Beautiful Tadelakt DVD - An Instructional Guide is a walk-through application to Tadelakt plaster.

Kreidezeit Moroccan-style Tadelakt is a beautifully natural, tactile and water repellent plaster used in wet rooms, bathrooms and showers. Using natural hydraulic lime and selected aggregates, the unique application and treatment of Tadelakt results in a strong, water repellent surface and tactile finish.
The Beautiful Tadelakt DVD will guide you through the techniques involved in mixing the plaster, laying it on, and polishing plus additional application of wax in decorative areas to achieve that unbelievable finish.

Our plasterer, Matt, worked with our friends at Kreidezeit and A Little Piece of Morocco to put together this DVD. This is founded on many years of application experience, supply and guidance using Kreidezeit Tadelakt.

YouTube Video: YouTube.com/watch?v=sgVgG7ZSuq4 1

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgVgG7ZSuq4
  2. https://www.joemorris.studio/
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